Sunday, July 1, 2012

Back to life...

Back to reality...
and the truth is, i love my reality.  since becoming a single mama, i've been in constant survival mode, falling into a deep sleep each time i hit the pillow late at night.  and although it's incredibly hard work, i hit that pillow with such a huge rush of contentment...we are happy.
here's a few shots from our recent trip to so. cali...

the boys practically lived on the water slides at the resort

becoming confident swimmers

and then there was DISNEYLAND!!!!

 colton finally found his treasure

these two, what a pair
(my dad and mason)

my son became obsessed with palm trees...
he hugged each and everyone of them!

"dude, what are you wearing?!"

exhausted, but happy

we are back home, safe and sound.  the shop is back up and running and orders shipped out...
thank you for your patience

and thanks for letting me share :)

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  1. Looks like an awesome trip! Remember to take care of yourself as a single mom - I was single the first 6 years of my son's life and it was beautiful and difficult all at the same time. But above all we were happy - so I'm so happy to hear you guys are too!!!