Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bead Soup Update

The big reveal is almost here!  I received my package of goodies from my partner, Andra
and I couldn't be more pleased.....
pretty package
beautiful colors

a pretty clasp and focal (jade?)

I finished my pieces last night, but you'll have to come back Saturday for that...


  1. the focal looks a lot like Yellow Turquoise,
    Lovely blog.Love and hugs Tanya

  2. Very, very, very nice! I especially love the necklace on the first picture.

  3. I am glad you like them! I hope you'll use them with great inspiration and they'll help you in your works!
    I am really sory about the clasp! If you'ld only know how much I wanted to send you more pretty clasps, I had a few in copper, but in the last minute I've changed a little the palette and golden tone i found to be more appropiate to this one! In fact, that's the reason I did not sent you a written list of what's Ive sent... as I decided in the last minute, right when I was wrapping them, I said that I will write the list later on that day, but since I had a really busy perioud, I forgot and eventually sent the package without the list!
    The focal is indeed jade, more accurate to be it's green jadeite!
    The other furnitures are:
    - Jasper beads (8mm round and rectangular tubes)
    - mother of pearl beads
    - cultured pearl beads
    - mountain jade beads (purple ones)
    - czech pressed, polished and dagger beads
    - glass beads
    - brass wire

    Take good care and good luck in everything!