Monday, February 3, 2014

Heart Day

I've never been huge on this holiday.  I mean why do we need a reminder to love and cherish each other?!  Maybe it's the whole divorce thing...perhaps it tainted it just a tad?
BUT, in spite of my bah humbug attitude, I do celebrate with my two yummy little men and I owe that to my Mom.  As far back as I can remember, she would always have the table decorated beautifully for my brother and I when we woke up.  There would be special little sweets, beautifully wrapped tiny packages containing wonderful treasures, and then there were the cookies...oh the cookies...She made the most perfect, melt in your mouth, sugar cookies that ever existed and to this day, I have yet to be able to replicate them.
So I have carried on her tradition with my boys. And honestly, I really don't have any dilemma reminding them how I cherish every second we have together.
(last year)

And brace yourself...
I even allowed myself a little spirit and made a few items for the shop...



  1. Valentine's Day has always been secondary to what I celebrate on that day…my birthday! :-) I think it's sweet as can be that you decorate and go all out for your boys.

  2. I don't come from a big holiday family, and before becoming a fan of art beads, the heart motif often left me cold. It seemed too precious. But now I am a fan because art beads add so many different wonderful dimensions to the heart design, like yours here. Love them!