Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's a Faux Thing...

I have to admit, I never knew what that word meant until I dove deep into the polymer clay world. 
Fox, huh, oh pardon me, f a u x....I am such a DORK sometimes. 
Here's the wonderful thing about this medium...the ability to simulate so many different types of surfaces.  Probably the reason why I never get bored and why I am so often accused of having polymer clay ADD (yes, I'm all over the place and darn proud of it)!
So here's my latest experiment...
Ringing any bells yet?

It's suppose to look like ceramic.  I love these greens.

These were made from a mold of a fern collected on a recent hike.
Simulated ceramic or rather faux ceramic.
Polymer clay excites me way too much!

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