Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mokume Gane

This is probably my favorite technique and the first one I learned when I picked up Carol Blackburn's book.  The design possibilities are endless and I think I really enjoy the thrill I get right before slicing into the stack of clay...will it reveal a beautiful design worthy of all that time or will I be left with a pile of well, poo?! I'm happy to say, I've been fortunate...a lot of happy beads have been made and only a few piles of "poo" have been added to the scrap pile.

Here are a couple of my designs when I first began with polymer clay 4 years ago...
Coming up with different objects to inject into the clay is challenging for me and I usually resort to the old round imprints...pens, paintbrushes, straws, toothpicks.  Yes, I get lazy, maybe that's the reason for loving this technique so much.

Here's some of my recent work..
Full of color, just like my life.

Happy Sunday to you!


  1. I love my carneval beads!! still have a few left....they are great to put in a little here and there for color effect :)

  2. oh good! they are quite colorful, aren't they?!