Wednesday, November 3, 2010

For the Love of Dogs

I've been feeling a bit under the weather for the past couple of weeks and I do believe my creativity decided to take a vacation.  So, to fill the void,  I decided to work a little more on Abby.  Abby came to us back in April, abused, fearful, and needing much love and attention.  It took a month with us before she even wagged her tail.  I decided to turn to Cesar Millan for the crucial help we needed.  Bought his book and dug right in.  She began to transform right before our eyes.  Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to finish the book....
Apparently, Abby didn't see eye to eye with "Cesar's Way"  and where she got the matches still remains a mystery.  Anyhow, I just recently ordered Cesar's new book, although in my humble opinion it should have been sent free of charge, and we continue to progress in our training and understanding of each other.  Her transformation is a beautiful thing to watch. 
She even got into the Halloween spirit...

But most importantly, she's happy, loving, smart AND she feels safe.


  1. Oh my goodness, Abby ate your Cesar book?! I'm sorry, but that is just too funny! That picture of her trying to look so innocent (with the evidence behind her) is classic! I love dogs. :-)

  2. I KNOW, RIGHT!!!! i cannot tell you how much that picture STILL makes me laugh...she is the dorkiest, silliest dog ever!! :)