Friday, July 8, 2011

Already the 8th of July and I haven't blogged once this month...time just slips by so quickly during the summer with constant activity some good, some bad.

The bad...
Abbigail has completely destroyed her cruciate ligament and will go in for surgery on Monday.  It's a $2500 repair and some people have told me it's too much money to spend on a dog and then I look at this beauty, full of love and innocence...

And I believe she's worth every penny.
Gee, better get to making more beads!

The good....
My jewelry has been accepted into this little hot spot here in Bend and has been doing quite well (all proceeds go to Abby's knee, thank you very much).

The best...

Lazy days full of laughter and fun.

I have been working on beads, honestly.  Finishing up some custom orders and coming up with some new designs and color schemes.  I will post pictures soon, promise.  Until then, enjoy your days.


  1. Aww, sweet Abby! Lucy had that surgery, and I agree it's worth every penny! It's even worth enduring the nosey judgment from people who just don't get it. Sheesh, it's not like we spend *their* money to take care of our dogs. Good luck to her, and keep enjoying your summer! Oh, and congrats on getting your jewelry into a new shop!

  2. She is amazingly adorable, I don't blame you for plonking down that much money to make her better. Congrats on getting in to the shop!!! Better go check out your shop and see if I can help with the vet bills.

  3. NO it's not too much money. We actually had our one cat in radiation treatment for a thyroid problem, for Pete's sake. And the other one had kidney problems for a LONG time and we managed to keep him in wonderful health for a long time by giving him insulin. Everyone looks at their pets in different ways, but please don't let anyone make you feel silly for doing what you're doing!

  4. you know ladies, i KNEW i kept really good company!
    thank you all for your kind words and love for my abbilicious. i believe, when we take pets into our lives, we are responsible for their well being....period.
    good to hear from you all and anna, how is lucy dog? is she recovering well?