Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Home on the range

Temporary life on the farm has been relaxing and quite peaceful. 
A few pics...
Lots of room for the boys to explore

Local wildlife

Hoping to catch a frog

We told the boys this was their bathroom

And a beautiful sunset every night

Although we'll miss it, it's so exciting to be settling into our very first new home.  Still so much unpacking to do, but I did get my clay station up and maybe tonight I'll get a chance to play with some new ideas that have been vacationing in my head.
More soon!


  1. How beautiful! I've been away for a while -- did you move? Back to blogging again so hopefully I won't miss any more. And your jewelry is gorgeous, as usual.

  2. i've missed you! Yes, we bought our first new home...happy times :) can't wait to get my morning chuckles from your blog although coffee coming out of the nose is not that much fun....