Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New news

Wow, seems like forever since we last many new things happening in my little life right now and when I start to even think about writing up a new post I tend to get a little insecure.  Really?  Do you honestly think people want to know about these little random events in your life?  Well, (I tell myself) isn't that what this blogging thing is suppose to be about?  Geez, my lack of confidence really makes me want to scream sometimes.  Do you ever have those days? 
So now that I've gotten that out of the way (aren't you glad you stopped by today), let's get on with it!

My jewelry is finding yet another home in downtown Bend, Tres Jolie.  They require at least 50 pieces so I have been extremely busy coming up with a Fall line....

I am hoping they will be well received :)

Then there's the new name change at Etsy.  I have been waiting THREE years for this!!!  Standing ovation for the Etsy team please.   My bead shop will finally be know as BeadsbyEarthTones and I will also change my jewelry shop to AlisonPageJewelry.  Trying to get the whole branding thing down!
Hopefully (crossing fingers) I'll be able to sit down and start making beads again.  So many ideas for a new, more natural look to my beads...stay tuned and...
Happy Fall!!


  1. Wow, that's great news! Best of luck with your new venue. The changes at Etsy have me all social media-ed out, but I guess I'll have to adjust. Love your new shop name.

  2. Much success, Alison! Your creations are beautiful, so I am sure they will be well received!

  3. Alison, I know the feeling of insecurity when you hit the publish button! But know that I enjoy reading your posts, even though I don't always comment.

    The sampling of your earrings in the collage looks gorgeous. I was browsing in your Etsy shop, and my 12 year old son came over to see what I was doing. Last winter, he started playing around with polymer clay and is a budding artist. He was awed by your beads!! He was particularly impressed with the red and black Tapestry beads. I think you've inspired him! :-)

  4. wow, how lovely to wake up to such wonderful comments....thank you!
    kathy, i have a 6 yr old little man who loves to sit next to me while i bead and, much to my husband's horror, proclaims he's going to make beads just like me when he grows up! so happy to hear my work can inspire others, especially the littles...i believe they all need some sort of creative outlet.

  5. Alison - I've totally 'been there' when attempting to sit down and write a post!! I honestly can't imagine 'who cares'! What a great update - congrats on getting into the new shop. I'm still wearing my bead soup piece and I always give you lots of props when I get a compliment!